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The Importance of Anti-Rotation Exercises in Golf

We all know that golf is a rotational sport. It is common to see rotational type exercises in golf programs. MedBall rotational throws, chops and lifts, and the infamous... let’s turn the cable column into a golf club. Let’s get one thing straight, rotational exercises should absolutely be a part of a golf training program. What is often missing is anti-rotation exercises. It is a bit counterintuitive, but the body’s ability to resist rotation is just as important as the body’s ability to rotate.

Kinematic sequence is a term that is familiar to most people in the golf world. We know that the downswing has to start with the pelvis and translate through the trunk and into the shoulders and hands to deliver energy to the club.

What does the pelvis need to do as the trunk begins to take over in the translation of energy? It has to RESIST rotation! This is where the anti-rotation exercises come in, which is why we need to add exercises such as pallof press, multifidus walkouts, bridge with anti-rotation into our workouts.

Give this a try and you’ll quickly notice that your ability to produce power improves as your body’s ability to resist rotation improves.


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