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How Can I Fix My Golfer's Elbow?

How can I fix my Golfer’s Elbow?

There are two different treatment approaches when it comes to Golfer’s Elbow, and it all depends on how long you have been experiencing symptoms. First, let’s discuss what Golfer’s Elbow actually is:

The pain is at the medial side of the elbow (inside). This is different than Tennis Elbow which is at the lateral aspect of the elbow. A group of muscles called your wrist flexors attach to a part of your arm bone (medial epicondyle of the humerus). During the golf swing, these muscles contract at impact to stabilize the position of your wrist through impact.

There are a few reasons that irritation can occur at your medial epicondyle. One can be an increase in volume, meaning that all of a sudden you increase how much you are practicing, playing, etc. This can cause an acute irritation (meaning that the pain has been present for less than 4-6 weeks) which we call medial epicondylitis

With an acute condition, passive modalities may assist in helping your symptoms improve. This involves lowering your practice and play volume, ice, massage, anti-inflammatories.

Another possibility for developing Golfer’s Elbow is a progressive worsening of symptoms over several months to several years. This is a chronic condition that we call a medial epicondylosis. The treatment strategy for this condition is much different. We have to strengthen the elbow and wrist in order to create a structural change in the tissue. An elbow strap may lessen some of your pain, but the bottom line is that you need to build STRENGTH.


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