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Top 4 Reasons Your Back Hurts When You Play Golf

1. Reverse Spine Angle - This is the number one predictor of low back pain in golf. Reverse Spine angle means that your upper body is leaning too far backwards, or too far to the left (right handed golfer) at the top of the backswing.

This opens the right side of your lower back in the backswing. The pain comes from the downswing when we violently close the joints that were in an open position in the backswing.

2. S - Posture - This has to do with your setup position. S posture means that your pelvis is tilted anteriorly (belt towards the ground). This puts our lower back in an extended position. When we try to rotate from and already extended position, unnecessary forces are placed on the lower back.

3. Limited lead hip internal rotation - At impact and through follow thru, your lead hip needs to internally rotate. Most of us have limited hip mobility due to the amount of sitting we do throughout the day. If our hip rotation is limited, we usually compensate with lumbar )lower back) side bend, and place unnecessary stress on the right side of our lower back (for a right handed golfer).

4. Limited thoracic rotation - The thoracic spine is our mid back. This is where most our rotation from our spine should come from in the golf swing. Most of us are stiff through our mid back, so we compensate with lower back rotation when we hit our limit of mid back rotation. The problem is, the lower back is NOT meant to rotate, causing stress at the lumbar spine.

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