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Neck Pain? Cervical ROM Requirements for Golf

Neck ROM requirements in golf:

It is easy to think that golfers do not need much neck movement during the golf swing, as their eyes are focusing on the ball and the head is not moving much. However, as the shoulders and thorax rotate below a still head, a substantial amount of neck ROM is needed in order to play pain-free and without compensation.

Here are the ROM minimums for a right handed golfer in order to swing without compensation or adjustment:

Left Rotation: > 70 degrees (needed in backswing)

Right Rotation: > 60 degrees (needed in downswing/follow through)

Flexion: > 40 degrees (needed at impact)

Left Sidebend: 25 degrees (needed at setup)

Right Sidebend: 25 degrees (needed at impact)

Limitations in Cervical (neck) ROM can limit your ability to perform a full shoulder turn in the backswing and follow through. This can lead to swing faults including Flat Shoulder Plane and Reverse Spine Angle.

To test your rotation and flexion, see if you can rotate your head to the side, and then bring your chin to touch your collar bone without moving your shoulder.

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