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Golf Mobility: Ankle

Ankle Mobility: Dorsiflexion

It is easy to ignore the ankle when thinking about the golf swing. The ankle and foot are our contact point with the ground, and are important for generating ground reaction force. Ankle DF comes from motion at the Talocrural Joint, as the talus glides posteriorly on the tibia and fibula.

Lack of Ankle Dorsiflexion has been shown to have a high correlation with loss of posture throughout the swing, most specifically:

🏌️‍♂️Early Extension

Limited ankle mobility can also lead to compensatory movements of slide and sway, and can lead to pain further up the chain.


⛳️Foam Roll Calf
⛳️1/2 Foam Roller Dorsiflexion Mobilizations

🔑keep your knee moving straight forward, and avoid compensating with ankle pronation/inversion
⛳️Runner’s Calf Stretch (Gastrocnemius - knee straight)
⛳️Runner’s Calf Stretch (Soleus - knee bent)

Stay tuned for shoulder mobility!

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